FORGIVENESS    “WORTH CONSIDERING”   3/15/19   (Across my desk this morning from Joel.)

Today’s Scripture
“But if you do not forgive, neither will your Father who is in heaven forgive your transgressions.”
(Mark 11:26, NASB)

Forgive and Move On
No one promised that life would always be fair. People are imperfect; we make mistakes and bad decisions. You may have been hurt by others in the past, but the important part is how you choose to deal with that hurt. Failing to let go of the past and holding on to grudges and anger can only cause harm in your life. If you want to keep your joy and remove what could become some huge obstacles in your path, decide to forgive others, whether or not they ask for forgiveness. God says His daily forgiveness, in the sense of His daily favor and blessings, is based on your willingness to forgive others. When you forgive, you will find new strength and begin to experience God’s explosive blessings!

A Prayer for Today
“God, thank You for Your forgiveness. I know that I don’t deserve it, but I praise You for faithfully forgiving me. Help me to clear any roadblocks in my path by forgiving others, even as You forgive me. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

My Comments:
My birth took place in the Kentucky Hills.   One of the old songs we use to sing on our  front porch on a warm summer evening:   “The Hatfield’s and McCoy’s were Kentucky mountain boys……  Don’t remember much more but remember a picture of the family which got shot up due to the feud. 

Image result for hatfields and mccoys were Kentucky            mountain boys
The lesson of the story was that the fight went on so long that everyone even forgot why it started.

  1. FEUD:  a prolonged and bitter quarrel or dispute.  To 

  1. take part in a prolonged quarrel or conflict.

  2. quarrel, fight, argue, bicker, squabble, dispute, clash, difference.

  3. Have you ever noticed that the church has been in a feud over doctrine for Centuries.   Looks at the many division and denominations.  We have come to feel that to agree to disagree is OK with GOD.  We don’t even have enough love to sit down together and find out were GOD’s TRUTH really is in all these division.  But we really need to remember that only GOD’s TRUTH can truly set us free.  So we should be forgiving, loving and open to working with each other until GOD’s TRUTH surfaces and we can enjoy together a John 17:20-26 UNITY.  In talking to some pastor’s I noticed that one had lot’s of land and the other had lot’s of people.  I suggested that they should melt together and I was looked at like I was dumber than a rock.

Seems we have gotten use to feud’s in our lives and families.   Even our Constitutional Republic is always feuding,  big one right now.  Everyone want’s the power but then seems like what is best for “We The People”  is not even in the running.

So the true key to Christian Sanctification (To make righteous and holy.) begins in humility and obedience in seeking GOD’s Truth from the Word of God in Context and including all of the scriptures on the subject.  It also includes forgetting your past and the past of those around you.  It means to give everyone a fresh start each day just like you would like to have for yourself.  Christ Jesus came to set us free,  totally free.   The world, flesh and the devil wants to use, bind and abuse us.  The scripture message above is totally true.  If you don’t forgive others,  God allows you to be held with the same glue. It is an immutable cosmic law of creation that what you plant will grow whether good stuff or bad.  And in the end you will have a garden full of what ever you planted.  But PTL,  Christ Jesus came to set us free,  put our feet upon HIS rock of truth,  Isa. 28 and make us fit to live in his Eternal Kingdom, if we want to.

Friday evening we are beginning a gathering here in Kealia for just that purpose in seeking True Unity in God’s Holy Truth.  We hope we can find enough dry wood to make a really hot fire.  Weather here has been wonderful:  65 at night 75 in the day.  Blue Sky, soft clouds day.  Roof is getting finished on our ohana/shop/barn today,  PTL.   Be able to move in really soon now and start sorting stuff that has been setting around for 50 years or so.   So now have a working common kitchen, bath and with the barn some safe dry sleeping facilities.   The vision is to mentor some folks in the deeper things of the LORD as we move in that direction ourselves.    Be Blessed in your day,   Ken<>< 

( All the “WORTH CONSIDERINGS” are now available in a link file on our new home page.)


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