Aloha Saints, Sinners, Friends and Family, 5/9/18

FAITH: Across my desk this came today: Worth Considering:

Today’s Scripture
“…God, who gives life to the dead and calls those things which do not exist as though they did.”
(Romans 4:17, NKJV)

One thing I’ve learned is that God calls the things that are not as if they already are. He doesn’t call you what you are; He calls you the way He sees you. That’s because He creates with His words, and you do, too.

When I stepped up to pastor the church after my father went to be with the Lord, I’d never ministered before. I was afraid. I felt unqualified, inexperienced and intimidated. The whole time, on the inside, I could hear that still, small voice saying, “Joel, you are well able. You can do all things. You have what it takes. You are strong in the Lord.” God was calling me something that I was not. I was not strong and bold and confident. I was weak, insecure and intimidated. Somehow, I had the faith to believe what God said about me. It didn’t happen overnight, but little by little, I became what God called me.

Today, follow His example and call things that are not as though they are. Look through your eyes of faith and call it like you see it. Don’t use your words to talk about your situation; use your words to change your situation. Keep speaking words of faith, keep praying, keep believing and keep moving forward into the bright future He has for you!

A Prayer for Today
“Father God, today I choose to look through my eyes of faith and call things that are not as though they are. I declare victory over every area of my life no matter what is happening around me. Thank You for the gift of faith in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

My Comments:
Very Interesting times we live in…. The darkness is really getting darker and the light is really getting brighter just as the LORD said that it would prior to HIS return for HIS CHURCH. So what would be important if you knew that in exactly one week HE would be returning for you. I am not saying that is true, but that gives us an indication of how as Christians we are to live in these times. Much of what we are doing is based on our assumption that all things will continue in the future as in the past. But if you check out Luke 21 and Matt.24 we are are now getting very close to the closing of this age. ( Attached a white paper on future events if interested. )

So read Hebrews 11 and then the following as I knew this father, John, personally as a great man of God. This is the dimension that we need to move into so as to grow up in Christ Jesus in all things and to be like HIM. Yours, in HIS great love and wonderful grace and mercy, Ken<>< REVELATION 2

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