ELECTION,   From a good Friend who wrote me his feelings.     8/12/20

The impact can be summoned by one word: madness.    Unrestricted abortions, even post-birth, open borders, higher taxes, trillions wasted on impossible objectives such as ending climate change and racism, opposition to freedoms of religion, speech, and the right to bear arms,  police reduced and remade into a repressive rather than a protective force.  activist  judges  on a packed Supreme Court,  unrestricted  voting,  compulsory  denial  of  science  that  recognizes  only two genders with no possible crossover between them, and other horrors.

My Comments:
Yep !!!  Socialism, sugar coated false promises to gain power with no intent in keeping  them is coming to town.  But  once fully  in power, those  who  object  to the broken promises are disposed of as were the 50 million souls with the transformation of  Germany,  Russia and China and other nations.   Then the top 5%  live  very  good  and  all  else are slaves as in N. Korea.   Hitler came to power in 1933 based on his  socialist  promises,  which  he did not keep.  How  did  that work out for the world?   Especially the Jews.   I went through it as a boy.

Socialism,  ( New Wold Order) is coming for a vote in November.   On Jan. 1st We  will  again  be seeking to drain the swamp or over the dam we go.   As a Christian, the only peace I have found  is with the teachings of Jesus.  Read the Gospel of John some time.
Ken <><    www.trinity-aloha.org

(Should I have this printed in the Local News Paper???????

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