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Folks saddled with this debt have purposefully handed over their Liberty. They traded it so they could get something shiny and new.  And now if their master closes his door… if their job goes away… they’ve got nothing left.  But here’s the one key difference between this situation and the plague that spread across our nation 150 years ago – it’s where free-thinking folks will poke us in the chest and tell us we’re wrong.      Your Credit Score is important.

This form of slavery is entirely optional.
The bank man isn’t coming to vulnerable neighborhoods and gathering folks up at gunpoint – although we know a few salesmen who would love the option.  No, this servitude is entirely derived by the enslaved.  It’s 100% avoidable.  The Only (and Easy) Way Out  It’s been a while since we wrote about our “broken bowl” theory. But with the latest headlines telling us that Americans are now sitting on more debt than we did prior to the 2008 disaster, it’s quite clear we’ve got work to do.

We need to spread our message.
We’re flat-out convinced that if you follow this simple strategy, your wealth will increase and you’ll quickly be on your way to true financial freedom.  As many of our oh-so-wise musings about money do… this one starts during our time in Alaska’s wilderness.  We were newlyweds, and we decided to go camping at one of our favorite lakes along the rugged Canadian border.  We invited a friend named Kenny.  He was a young, hungry kid from Southern California who didn’t get out all that much.  We figured nearly a week without modern influences would do him some good.  For a few short hours at the start of our trip, though, we thought he was going to get us killed.  Fortunately for us, he then did something dumb… something that sparked our powerful way of thinking.

You see, camping in the Alaskan wilderness isn’t like camping in the lower 48.  Once we waved goodbye to the bush pilot who flew us to the lake, we were on our own. No phone. No radio. Just the three of us and a campfire. The nearest person was more than 25 miles away. But it didn’t matter. We couldn’t get there if we wanted to… the nearest road was more than 70 miles south.

We were on our own. And Kenny forgot about that.  Almost as soon as the plane disappeared over the mountaintop and the roar of its engine faded to silence, Kenny attacked his food ration for the week.  By the time we realized what was going on and stopped him, he’d already eaten two days’ worth of food.  We were in trouble.  But then something incredible happened.  He dropped his bowl – his one and only bowl.  It shattered.  All that was usable was a piece about a third of the size of its previous shape.  Need Less… Spend Less

At first, Kenny was distraught. Like most 18-year-olds, he quickly got hungry and grouchy.  But as the sun burned through the  fog on our second day, his mood started to change. He was eating only as much as his bowl would hold… a third of what he was eating the day before.  But he was happy with it.  He quickly got used to it.  It’s a powerful lesson for anybody working to break the bonds of modern slavery.  We’re convinced it’s the only way to build real, liberating wealth.   Happiness does not come with an interest rate.  Freedom can’t be found at the bottom of a credit card statement.  It’s just the opposite.  That statement that comes in the mail once each month represents what you owe to your master. It shows how much you must work before you’ll be set free.  The only way out, we’re convinced, is to break your bowl.  Don’t fall into the cultural trap that convinces us that more stuff equals more happiness.  It’s 100% a lie.  Instead, we beg you to break your bowl in half. Fill it up with only what you need. It’s far less than you think.  Save the rest for another day.  It’s the only way to be truly free.  Millions of Americans are enslaved by their choices… and most have no idea how tight the shackles have become.  They’re not going to like their future – especially when their master wants his money.  Be well,  Andy

My Comment:
It is very important to learn to live without paying interest.   I quit paying interest in 1968.    And as I have learned to live without owing my soul to the company store it has given me a lot more freedom.  Both Debt and Socialism are forms of slavery and to be avoided.    It was tough at times but the Holy Spirit has been a really great teacher as I took this Bible verse seriously  (I don’t even have a credit score any more) :   Yours, in HIS great love,   Ken<><   (Previous “Worth Considerings” are now available at )

The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.

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