On 5/15/2019 9:28 PM,   My Grandson wrote me this note:“>Thanks Grandpa, Your emails mean alot even if I don’t respond 99%of the time.   I wanted to ask you something about Genesis. What was God doing before he created heaven and Earth and are there any scriptures that say where he “came” from?

This is a great question and one that baffled me during my college day with a major in Earth Sciences.  So here is where I went with it.  Or where I feel the Holy Spirit led me.

First of all the stories that were written by Moses were written before 1407 BC.  So about 1500 years after the facts.   Concerning Genesis I have some issues and scriptures for you to consider.  Obviously Moses was anointed of God to write what he wrote.  I would sure like to have the original to be sure of the conversation.  Not that the basics are not absolutely true but that the interpretation of those basics may have gone through a lot of filters.  Even in the New Testament there are places where translation could be a little better as in John 8 where Christ,  speaking to the religious leaders of HIS day.   He tells them clearly 3 times that HE is the “I AM” that gave Moses the 10 Commandments and that HE was before  Abraham, the  I AM.    But the translators did not catch it and added a “he” (not in the Greek) totally missing the point.  So lets start from the very beginning of matter.  First lets let in a well known fact concerning astronomy:  So if this is true it has taken around 14 billion light years for the light of that galaxy to reach earth.  Think about it.  This is a rather solid fact.    So lets work with that for a few minutes,  OK?

MACS0647-JD. MACS0647-JD is the second farthest known galaxy from the Earth based on the photometric redshift. It has a redshift of about z = 9.11, equivalent to a light travel distance of 13.26 billion lightyears (4 billion parsecs). If the distance estimate is correct, it formed 130 million years after the Big Bang.

OK so if we take the “Big Bang” as the time when GOD converted some of HIS limitless Power (energy) into matter then go for a 130,000 million years you will find a galaxy that was formed and the light from that galaxy got to earth 13.26 billion light years later.  That does not give us the age of the earth but it does help show how big the House of God really is and this galaxy that GOD created.  So we need to shift our minds a little.  The Bible teaches in 1 Cor.13 that HIS eternal dimension is not the same as our time dimension.  The Bible also teaches that things were made of parts that can not be seen and placed on a globe hung on nothing that can be burned up like a sun without any the original matter being destroyed.  But this is another study.   But our Bible does teach that GOD lives in a dimension without time, walls or beginning or end.  Way beyond our understanding.  I have a problem with getting around that concept,  don’t you?  There is nothing out there but GOD or the total absence of GOD.  Absolute light or absolute darkness.

So in Holy Scripture we find that lucifer was the appointed cherub originally created to watch over what we now know as our solar system and the creation of life from God, the Creator.  This is found:  Ezek.28:12:19,  notice in verse 13 that he was in charge.  And in Isa.14: the prophet Isaiah continues in verses 12-23, especially verse 17.  

So personally I see all of this happening prior to the void of Gen. 1:3 where God starts to RESTORE the damage that had been done by Lucifer’s pride, rebellion  and miss-management (sin).   I feel it was a restoration due to God’s command to Adam in Gen.1:28 where HE gives Adam, his son, dominion and instructs him to replenish (re-populate) and to subdue (bring into order) the earth.  Another factor for Restoration is that the plants were restored on the 3nd day and the sun  and moon on the 4th.  This works well will for restoration where for creation it does not.  Also the garden with the Angel and Gate to keep them in, (from what?)  Or to protect them from what was still left over from lucifer’s previous meddling that was without?  lucifer had blown things up but still lays claim as the gifts and callings of GOD are without repentance.  (That is another good teaching for another day.)  lucifer gets evicted from the heavens by the church in Rev.12:11.  And finally from the earth in Rev. 20:10.

Another factor for restoration is found in Gen.4:16 where Cain went the land of Nod, found a wife and fathered Enoch and found a couple of more wives in Nod and so the story goes.  And In Gen. 6:4,  Moses write about the difference between the races as being the Son’s of God  and the Daughter’s of man (as being corrupted under lucifer’s manipulations, pre-restoration.)  Jesus taught us that demons (fallen angels) can not make babies in Luke 24:39.  So that whole story about the nephilim (giants) is total fiction as are a lot of traditions that are still running around in the church.  The nephilim are also mentioned in Ezek. 32:27 as with David.  So the union of the old and new did make giants but have been slain for the most part.  There are still some today that reach almost 8′ in height.  And there are reports and photo-shopped pictures everywhere.

So in my understanding Adam was the first of a new kind of species  that GOD wanted to create, develop and make into HIS Image and Likeness…  Adam rebelled, committed high treason and gave the world back to lucifer which Paul acknowledges as the god of this world.  2 Cor.4:4.   So Jesus came to restore what Adam had lost.  As in Adam all died, so in Christ Jesus shall all be made alive,  1 Cor. 15:22.

As for what is GOD doing?  Just think of it:  Our Creator GOD is all Powerful,  All Good,  And likes to be busy.   Jesus said one time as recorded by John 14:2,  “In MY Father’s House are many dwelling places.  If it were not so, I would have told you,  because I am going there to prepare a place for you.”   So personally I like science fiction as I learn about just how big the “Father’s House” is,  not that I believe the fiction part but the research for the back ground of the film is very enlightening.  My own point of reference is that we have been quarantined in time and on this solar system for 7,000 years to make the choice in our one life time between what is GOD’s TRUTH and LIGHT or to be seduced by the dark side.  Ezekiel 1,2,3 & 10 are also good scifi. reading.  And remember Philip was teleported, Acts 8:29-40.  The Bible teaches that it is beyond our comprehension what GOD had prepared for us if we will learn to trust and love HIM in Christ Jesus.

I have a rather long paper on eschatology (Future Prophetic Events.)  If interested drop me a line.

And if you have some more scriptures to add to my pile I would be happy to consider them.  This is a very quick answer to a very deep question.   Now for you to divide the BABY (TRUTH) from the bathwater.

Yours, in HIS great love and wonderful grace and mercy,  Ken<><
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