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Today’s Scripture                (Across my desk this morning from a church in Texas.)
You have made them a little lower than the angels and crowned them with glory and honor.
(Psalm 8:5, NIV)
Hold on to Your Crown
When God breathed His life into you, He put a crown of glory and honor on your head. This crown represents your authority. It represents God’s blessing and favor on your life. It’s a reminder that you are royalty. When you’re wearing your crown, you’ll have a sense of entitlement, thinking, I have a right to be blessed and live in victory because I’m wearing a crown of honor put there by my Creator.

Jesus said, “Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown.” Throughout life, there will always be someone or something trying to take your crown. People will talk about you, trying to make you look bad, to push you down. What they’re really doing is trying to take your crown. Don’t let them have it. Nobody can take your crown. You have to let go of what was said or done to you rather than let go of your crown.
A Prayer for Today
“Father, thank You that You have put a crown of glory and honor on my head by Your grace. Thank You that I am not less than others or just average, but You have made me royalty. I declare I will not allow anyone or anything to take my crown. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

Ken’s Comments:
This is an interesting scripture, Elohim here is translated in the NIV as angels which is rather unique.  That is one of the reasons I go back to the King James as the translators had no doctrine to protect.  King James wanted to read the Bible in accurate English and that is what they aimed for and did a rather good work in that translation.  Elohim can mean Gods is in plural like as in Trinity of Father, Word & Holy Spirit.  Like a family in working in very close unity together.  And the scripture could be referring to Jesus as made a little lower than the angles as the Lamb of God to take away our sins.  We find this in Hebrews.2:9-18 Very important so take time to consider.  Of course the Bible weaves it’s message through both dimensions of God’s Eternity and Man’s temporary Time of yesterday, today and tomorrow.   Through God’s absolute foreknowledge HE is the I AM and sees all things as now.  That means both dimensions are at work in all that we do.  His Foreknowledge answers our prayers before we pray because HE has known from eternity what we were going to pray for.  He already knows who HIS Eternal Elect will be but we do not.  With us in our dimension of time it is, “He that endureth to the end, shall be saved.”  Matt.24:13.  It is not enough for God to already know what our life is going to be like and produce.  His foreknowledge is based upon us also doing it for our own experience.  We need to see for ourselves to learn and want to grow up into HIS image and likeness because we want to.  We have to walk it out.  It is not enough to have the plans for the building.  The building has to be built and become physical to be enjoyed.  We are living stones being placed into the building of God if we will go for it.  Eph.4:11-16.  So we have been invited to allow our lives and energy to be added to the Grace of God so that our Creator will eventually enjoy the fellowship of a very large family of children that have learned through faith and love to allow HIM to be the LORD or MASTER of HIS creation which includes us and our freewill.  Our Creator has invited us to join HIM and want to teach us how to be kings, ambassadors and priests for HIM.   Jesus mentioned one time that in the Father’s House there were many places to live and that Jesus was going home to create a place for us.   That mean we may not be the only house on the block.  Perhaps we have the only lucifer to mess things up so we grow spiritually at a much greater pace.  I know that the mess that has been made by lucifer on planet earth will not be allowed to contaminate the rest of God’s universe and creation.  That the family that HE has been creating over the past 6,000 years has but another 1,000 years to go for completion and then the time capsule is destroyed and time as we know it ceases.    The Revelation of Christ Jesus shares about this in Chapter 19-22.

So our Creator’s vision and destiny for you is for greatness for eternity but HE has given you a freewill and you can say no.   You can decide for yourself to be the master of your own destiny or you can join up with the Creator to enjoy HIS vision and purpose for your creation. The death tree of the knowledge of good and evil was allowed to be in the Garden exactly for that purpose.  The purpose of giving Adam & Eve the opportunity to bail out and to do their own thing.  What good is freewill if no test.   And eventually they disobeyed, rebelled in pride and look at the world today, what a mess.   Our Creator gave the world to Adam, Adam gave it to lucifer and Jesus had the love and vision to come to buy it back and give us a way to escape death or eternal separation from GOD.  The only reason our soul has light is because God has given us a temporary body to live in.  If he does not create for us another body when this one is burned out then there is nothing but darkness.  Is God going to give those who have rejected HIS salvation another body?  Why should HE?   Our choice in this life time for light or darkness is eternal.            

Yours, in HIS great love and wonderful Grace and Mercy, Ken<><

There is but one Church of Christ Jesus as LORD,
And all who Love, Honor and Obey HIM are eternal members.

Worthy Brief <;   As vice president in 2012, Joe Biden endeared himself to many LGBTQ Americans by endorsing same-sex marriage even before his boss, President Barack Obama.   A federal judge issued a temporary restraining order late Sunday night barring Georgia election officials from resetting or otherwise altering Dominion Voting Systems machines used during the November presidential election.    The Supreme Court looks unlikely to issue a quick decision on the Trump administration’s bid to exclude illegal immigrants from the population baseline for awarding congressional seats.   Saudi Arabia reportedly granted permission for Israeli airlines to use its airspace on Monday, just hours before the first Israeli flight to the United Arab Emirates was set to take off, following a flurry of a diplomatic activity including reported US in.    Six former European diplomats are calling on European governments to coordinate efforts to urge an incoming Biden administration to rejoin the Iran nuclear deal, from which President Trump withdrew in 2018, and to agree with the regime in Tehran on steps for mutual compliance.     A senior commander in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard was killed in an apparent drone strike along the Syrian-Iraqi border, according to widely circulated reports in Arabic-language media Monday.

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