Rush Limbaugh:  Excellent question,  mine as well:   Covid-19

It seems to me that most of the old guys are terminal with this virus, if they catch it.   The U.S. is sustaining about 500 deaths per day at this time and mostly of old fossils like me.  But to protect me and my age group the economic shut down could easily kill the economy for the whole nation.   There is not going to be any quick and easy solution.   Prayer, of course would help.   But to get the economy going again might mean to set up virus free zones where old folks could move to like an Island with really good virus controls.  Eventually there will be a medication to help our immune system get the victory over Covid-19 like all of the other viruses that are around us all the time.  But until that day,  us old folks are looking down the gun barrel when we leave home and go shopping and it is not going to get better.  And it is obvious that the economy can not be frozen for long without a 2nd Great Depression.  In the year 1932, when I was born, FDR closed the banks.  A $1,000 burial police cost .25 cents per week.  My dad sold them and made .10 cents per sale.  I still have mine that he bought for me.   We lived on my great grandfather’s farm so were OK.  But there was little or no money available even if you had a plush bank account.  Gold at that time was $32. per ounce.  And dollar bills could be exchanged for gold.

We were almost already at a train wreck with our economy before this virus attack.   Seems the train is now off the tracks but yet to land.  When it lands,  seems to me, that there will be a great devastation.   So do what you can to get as self contained and as much off the grid as you can.  Riots are already starting in the mainland and police protection is nearly non existent in some areas.

We may be starting into the birth pains of the Jesus prophesy in Matt. 24-25,  Mark 13,  Luke 21,   I have taken the liberty of attaching a paper that I put together on the subject.  We are surely living in the days of the last church in Rev. 3 where Jesus is not even welcome in HIS own Church.   And we are headed towards Chapter’s 4 & 5  with John.  From Chapter 6 through 19 for 7 years is great tribulation and the Church of Christ Jesus is no longer on planet earth.  Have fun looking ahead at the great and precious promises of GOD.   God loves us and went away to provide a Holy Place for us to live.  HE has left us with a choice.  If we would really like to make HIM truly our LORD and live with HIM in righteousness,  that can happen.   Love the Hawaiian Kingdom motto:   “The Life of the Land is perpetuated in righteousness.”   

Yours, in HIS great love,   Ken<><

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