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by David Wilkerson    Caleb, whose name means forcible, fortitude, is a type of one who   clings to the Lord! Caleb was inseparable from Joshua, representing   one who continually walks with the Lord through all the distractions of life.    Caleb had accompanied the spies over Jordan, where the Holy Spirit   drew him to Hebron-"the place of death." Abraham and Sarah were   buried there, as were Isaac and Jacob and the patriarchs, and years   later, David's kingdom would begin there. With awe Caleb climbed   that hallowed mountain and faith flooded his soul. He prized that   sanctified place and from that time on, he wanted Hebron for his   possession.    It was said of Caleb that he "wholly followed the Lord" (Numbers   14:24). He never wavered to the very end and at eighty-five years   of age he could testify: "As yet I am as strong this day as I was in   the day that Moses sent me: as my strength was then, even so is   my strength now, for war, both to go out, and to come in" (Joshua 14:11).    In his old age Caleb waged his greatest battle! "Now therefore give   me this mountain [Hebron]..." (14:12). "And Joshua blessed him,   and gave unto Caleb...Hebron for an inheritance..." (14:13). "Hebron   therefore became the inheritance of Caleb...because that he wholly   followed the Lord" (14:14).    The message is glorious: It is not enough to have died to sin-to   have entered fullness sometime in the past. The need is to grow in   the Lord to the end! To keep your spiritual power and strength   without wavering. To "wholly follow the Lord" even in old age!    Hebron-Caleb's inheritance-means a company associated!   Associated with what? With death! Not only the death to sin in   Jordan, but living in a place of death. Living with those who are   associated with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ! "Give   me this mountain," Caleb had prayed. In other words, "Give me this   walk of death to self!" It was here that Abraham had built an altar   to sacrifice his son and it was here that Caleb and his tribe would   live, constantly associated with that altar of living sacrifice.    Caleb's wholeheartedness for the Lord produced a holy fire for God   in his children. While the children of the two and a half tribes turned   away and embraced the world and its idolatry, Caleb's family grew   stronger in the Lord!    God´s desire for all of us is that we enter a place of rest, joy and   peace in the Holy Ghost. That requires following him "with all thy   heart...and with all thy strength" to the very end (Mark 12:30).

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