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   “WORTH CONSIDERING”     10/7/21, Ken Smith

If you study the New Testament you will find the Early Church was much different than that of our church today.   The Early Church evangelized on Saturday Mornings at the local Synagogue and met again Saturday evenings at House Churches for Teaching, the Lord Supper, Agape Meal and the ministry of the Holy Spirit in power confirming the Word of God that was taught.  Perhaps if we would return to the traditions of the Earl Church as a forum gathering of interaction in God’s Truth we would get the same powerful results.  The Holy Spirit is still here to confirm the Word of God in power.   Paul in 2 Tim.3:5 tells us that if there is no obvious power after a message, don’t waste your time, go somewhere else..  Go where you can experience the Holy Spirit in love, holiness & power.   In Matt.15:6,  Jesus tells us about the same thing.

There is but one Church of Christ Jesus.   If we are truly a member of HIS Church then there is no need to join a denomination or anything else.   If we walk together in God’s Truth and Unity, we would match our LORD’s prayer in John 17:20-24 for unity just fine.   But if a house is a divided house it can not stand.  So membership in the LORD’s Eternal Church is really by coming into the Unity of the Faith and the Bond of Peace,  it is not in becoming organized.   If the deep roots of God’s Truth were shared and believed then the Holy Spirit would confirm with signs following and we would be so busy in the Kingdom that we would have little time for organization.   The Early Church used their gifts and offerings for evangelism and to help the poor.   There is no  mention of tithing in the New Testament or in building anything for that matter.   The Early Church had no overhead as the churches we  have.   They had no physical maintenance stewardship needing constant funding.   All of the house churches were on their own as were the Elders.   But God saw to it that all of the needs were met very nicely.   So here,  we are about working together in God’s Loving Truth to build a little fire in the Holy Spirit and hope it will get big enough to dry out some big wet logs like Saul was before he became Paul.  The Western World is starved for the very truth of God and seems to be getting fed very low cal diet of religious traditions

So how to share God’s basic vision of the Kingdom across to get folks so that they are willing to sell all that they have so to buy the treasure in the field.   Or to spend all they have on Holy Spirit oil so as to have a good light going when the LORD returns.   For lack of a vision the people perish. Folks all around us are being taught to love this world and be comfortable in it, rather than seek the King of the Kingdom of God and HIS Righteousness.  And this is even being taught in our so called religious theater gathering called churches,   Give to GET….  Not give as guided by the Holy Spirit or out of a great love for Jesus and HIS Kingdom.   Or for a Jesus love for the souls of man.   And this is what God does honors

If your traditional church dumps the vain traditions that make the Word of God ineffective that would cause more to be interested and want to find out what you are doing.  At this point in life I am drawn to experience the Church of Jesus rather than to continue to only play church without the power of God to help those in need.

For many years now I have tried to change negative religious traditional theater structures already in existence as in denominations and have not been successful.   One of the reason that the Pilgrims worked so well in the 70’s was there were no traditions to change.   So it was the New Testament, new wine in a new wine skin.   And once people saw that the Holy Spirit was active in power to confirm,  it drew all kinds of people to Jesus.  Therefore I have concluded that perhaps only by starting  as a new ministry with only the New Testament Traditions in focus could we again find the fire for us here.  Once the fire of the Holy Spirit is going it will draw all to Jesus.  And there can be no competition or compromise with the Holy Spirit as to the Pure Truth of God.  It would make the John 17 Unity easy and ministries would merge easily together when walking out the simple New Testament Truths that Jesus gave us.  There is power in unity,  But Holy Spirit Power is only made available in supporting GOD’S TRUTH.   2 Tim.3:5   The Holy Spirit will not support or confirm any of the vain traditions of the church.   God will not compromise HIS TRUTH.  He will not support what we think is good unless HE feels the same way about it.   We can join and compromise with all of those vain traditions and yet it will again only be a waste of time,  Matt.15:6.

A definition of insanity: To do the same thing over and over but expecting a different result.  Until we sort the Good Godly Traditions from the Bad Religious Traditions I don’t feel we will experience the power of a New Testament Church like in the Book of Acts.  I will be putting together a teaching on Basic Good Church Traditions from the New Testament very soon now. 

Yours, in HIS great Love and wonderful Grace and Mercy,   Ken<><   www.OhanaChurch.Life

There is but one Church of Christ Jesus as LORD,
and all who love, honor and obey Jesus are eternal members.

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