ALOHA FAMILY AND FRIENDS,  Beloved of God and me,   John 3:16-18

CHILDREN OF GOD,   “WORTH CONSIDERING” 4/29/20,   from Ken<>< 

Today’s Scripture
“…Dear friends, now we are the children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. But we know that when Christ appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is…”  (1 John 3:2, NIV)

Start Thinking as a Son
It’s easy to have the wrong image of ourselves. The Scripture says, “Now we are the children of God,” but too many times, we live as though we don’t deserve to be blessed because we’ve made too many mistakes and had too many negative things come against us. We live with a slave mentality to mediocrity, to guilt, to lack, to addictions.

Stop thinking as a slave and start thinking as a son. Stop thinking about what you’ve been through and the mistakes you’ve made, and start thinking about who you are. A son of the Most High God doesn’t live feeling guilty and condemned about past mistakes; he receives mercy and moves forward. A son or daughter has a boldness, a confidence. You’ll expect God’s favor. You’ll believe for doors to open for you that you don’t deserve. Why? Because you’re not a slave, or a hired worker, or a friend of the family. You’re a free child of Almighty God!

A Prayer for Today
“Father, thank You that You have made me Your child, and I am no longer a slave. Thank You that You redeemed me, and You’re taking me forward into full freedom. I believe that I have Your favor, and the obstacles in my way will be overcome. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

Ken’s Thoughts:
Obviously here the writer was inclusive of both men and women as a Child of God.  Of course the body that God gives us that we find ourselves in has a special gifting and purpose just as Mary became the mother of Jesus and took great care in HIS early development.  And Joseph was assigned to the responsibility of protection and support for the family.  Most don’t realize that Mary and Joseph had at least 6 other kids after Jesus was born.  So Jesus grew up with lots of temptations to get in the flesh with the other kids, I am sure.   James and Jude are contributors to our New Testament and added profound additions to Holy Scripture due to the care of Mary and Joseph.  So this carpenter family living in Nazareth was used of God to totally impact our world.  We each have the potential to impact our sick word full of Adam’s rebellion for our Creator God if we accept our role and gifting and submit it back to our Creator.  I am sure that Abraham, Moses, David and yes, even Jesus had times of reflection and temptation to consider being sucked into the world’s system.  In fact the whole 11th chapter of Hebrews is written about such people as us that decided to “Go for Broke” In fact the scriptures in prophesy record the event when the Church of Christ Jesus in all of HIS power and glory makes a clean sweep down fore and aft of the heavens, Rev.12:11 and it even mentions how it was done.   Hope you are there?

But I am sure that Jesus up to age 30 in Joseph’s carpentry shop was challenged by his daily life and at times in boredom and wondering about things as seeking to know more Truth & Light.  Abraham was 80 before his calling to have a life change of direction.  Moses spent 40 years learning how to be in charge of Egypt, then 40 years unlearning Egypt and was 80 years old before being used of God to deliver the children of Israel.  Jesus was 30 when the door opened for his ministry to begin and lasted for only about 3 short years then completed.   I once was praying about this and asking the Lord, when I could really get started in doing something important.  In my spirit He sort of laughed and said to me how old was Abraham before I called him?  Of course I quickly said “80″.  And Moses?   And I said, “80″ And HE said and how old are you, And I said “73″   And HE said, “And you are in a hurry.”   So 14 years later, basically,  my ministry has become the writing of this blog.  The little Kealia  house church has disappeared with the coming of the virus.  Still mentoring with some really great friends in the Word of God.  But nothing that looks of world shaking importance  for Christ Jesus.  And I have been told, and tend to believe it, “That little is much when GOD is in it?”  I do  remember a demonic deliverance in 1968 when the demon said, “Who do you think you are!!!” with a snarl…  It stopped me cold in my tracts, then the Holy Spirit spoke through me, loudly!!!   “ I am a blood washed son of the living God, now get out of there,” and it left.  So we are all in training to become like Jesus as the children of God, if we will accept it.   Seems I must have needed more time/grace than most for those needed changes to happen?  But I sure would love to experience the rapture.

Yours, in HIS great Love and wonderful Grace and Mercy,   Ken<><

Book Recommendation:   “Word & Spirit”  by R.T. Kendall  Will help you grow for sure.

A healthy spiritual diet isn’t rocket science. It’s actually a matter of “taste”….that is, “Taste and see that the LORD is good.” Be with Him, first and foremost. Just spend quiet time in His presence, without feeling like its an obligation. “The Word of God is living and active…” The Holy Spirit will bring that Word to greater life in your soul and body. 1 Timothy 4:8 adds: “For bodily exercise has some value, but godliness has value for all things, having the promise of the life which is now, and of that which is to come.” Let’s not neglect a healthy spiritual lifestyle — in these days we need to be on top of our game. Avoid spiritual junk food! That quiet time to be at complete peace, in God’s Word, in prayer, will feed your soul with the spiritual nutrition needed to fight the daily battles… with powerful immunity!   

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