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Today’s Scripture            (Across my desk this morning from a church in Texas.)
The LORD will work out his plans for my life—for your faithful love, O LORD, endures forever.
(Psalm 138:8, NLT)

Just One Good Break
Sometimes we don’t see how we can accomplish our dreams. We don’t have the connections, the resources, the experience. It might not look as though it’s going to happen, but what you don’t realize is that you don’t need a hundred things to go right—just one touch of God’s favor and doors will open that you couldn’t open. Just one good break, one right person, one phone call, one healing, one contract, and what seemed impossible will suddenly become possible.  Today’s Scripture says the Lord will work out His plans for your life. You don’t have to work it out. You don’t have to struggle and worry and try to fix every problem, straighten out every enemy, and make things happen in your own strength. You can live from a place of peace, knowing that God has lined up the breaks you need. Get up every morning with the expectancy that He’s going to surprise you.
A Prayer For Today
“Father, thank You that just one good break, just one person, just one promotion, just one touch of Your favor can make the impossible suddenly become possible. Thank You that I can stay in peace. I believe that you are working out Your plan for my life. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

Ken’s Comments,
Of course the basis for God’s supernatural help and grace comes as the results of you deciding to change citizenship from the country of Adam to the country of God.  Our Creator has absolute foreknowledge of all our ways and decisions in life.  And before we were even conceived HE was aware of our choices in life both good and bad.  In 1955 I trusted Jesus with my soul and that began God’s right’s to help me as one of HIS kids.  Where before I had sold myself into sin and was a child of lucifer, John 8. (Please Read)   So as long as I preferred the darkness and it was my choice with my freewill.  God could do very little to help me.   But when I decided to give my life to Jesus as LORD, my old Adamic citizenship was revoked and I became a new citizen of the Kingdom of God.

You see it is in having a relationship with God through Jesus as LORD that salvation become personal and active.  In 1955 I began the walk of Sanctification or of being saved as salvation is a process.  It is not like some churches make it out to be that you make Jesus savior, get baptized and you have a “Get out of Hell” certificated to hang on your wall.  And then can do mostly what ever you want.  Rather,  in making Jesus Lord he also becomes our savior but it is still up to us to walk out the process of being saved.  Jesus said, “He that endures to the end, shall be saved.”  So actually our salvation is a lifetime process of being changed into the Image and Likeness of Jesus or God.  It has a beginning in faith and love in being born from above and that we walk it out until graduation into eternity.   And as you go through the New Testament and check this out you will see that our making Jesus as LORD & SAVIOR is only the beginning for the changes that we needed in our lives to become like Jesus.  That our salvation is secure as long as we decide to stay on the road of sanctification with the Holy Spirit.   So this idea that we can get saved and never be lost and can do what we want is not true.  So the blessings of God as the child of God come through faith obedience and humility of each day we are alive to serve our LORD.  HE came as a servant, the Holy Spirit will also be teaching us how to become obedient and enjoy being a servant as Jesus was.
Heb. 3:13-15   But continually encourage one another every day, as long as it is called “Today” [and there is an opportunity], so that none of you will be hardened [into settled rebellion] by the deceitfulness of sin [its cleverness, delusive glamour, and sophistication]. 14 For we [believers] have become partakers of Christ [sharing in all that the Messiah has for us], if only we hold firm our newborn confidence [which originally led us to Him] until the end, 15 while it is said,  “Today [while there is still opportunity] if you hear His voice,  Do not harden your heart, as when they provoked Me [in the rebellion in the desert at Meribah].”  Heb.6.4  For [ it is impossible to restore to repentance] those who have once been enlightened [spiritually] and who have [a] tasted and consciously experienced the heavenly gift and have shared in the Holy Spirit, 5 and have tasted and consciously experienced the good word of God and the powers of the age (world) to come, 6 [b] and then have fallen away—it is impossible to bring them back again to repentance,  (Best to read this whole chapter to be sure of the context.)   So as a child of God in obedience, faith and humility, we are blessed and our Creator opens doors for us as we serve HIM.  But for those who choose to live a self centered ego-centric life, don’t blame God for the darkness.  Many are really angry with God for not helping them live their lives in darkness.

Yours, in HIS great love and wonderful Grace and Mercy,   Ken<><
(Started a new web site to help with having a “house-church” at home.    Also to add/remove:    “Worth Considering” Library link on Home-Page.)

Worthy Brief <;   But we ought to realize…there are nine verses in the Bible, Old, and New Testament, which clearly state that we will be judged and rewarded for our works. (The final one is Revelation 22:12). Salvation is by grace through faith, and all who believe have their names written in the Book of Life.[Eph 2:5], but our rewards will be determined solely by what we have done. One day, when this life is over, we will all stand before the judgment seat of Messiah (Christ). Once we breathe our last breath we will never again be able to prepare for eternity! These are our days of awe; not just once a year, but every single day of our life. Our everyday deeds on earth will determine our destinies in eternity.   A leading Jewish commentator and politician says the agreements that Israel signed this week with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain are of “biblical proportions” and foretold in prophecy. Dov Lipman, a former legislator of Israel’s centrist Yesh Atid (“There Is a Future”) party, noted that Scriptures detail the tensions between the two sons of the Biblical patriarch Abraham.    The USS Nimitz aircraft carrier safely transited on Friday through the Strait of Hormuz, the world’s most important chokepoint for oil shipments, the U.S. Navy said, as tensions with Iran continue to simmer.    Saudia Arabia has reportedly enough mineable uranium ore reserves to produce nuclear fuel, raising fears of a possible nuclear arms race with regional rival Iran.
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