APPLES,     WORTH CONSIDERING,    4/3/19   (Across my desk this morning.)
Today’s Scripture
“Keep me [in Your affectionate care, protect me] as the apple of Your eye”  (Psalm 17:8, AMP)

The Apple of His Eye
God loves and values you so much today. You are the apple of His eye; you are His most prized possession! In this day and age, people are considered to be important for so many different reasons—titles, position, possessions, where you go, what you drive. But God’s value system is very different from the value system of the world. If you’ve ever thought that God has too many other important things on His plate to be concerned with you and your life, know this today—you are God’s biggest deal. And there’s nothing you can do to be more important or less important. God values you today simply because He made you, and your value will never change. You are significant. Your life is significant. The things that concern you, concern God. He carefully watches over every detail of your life, and there is nothing too big or too small for His attention. You’re not inconveniencing God by asking for help in your everyday life. God wants to be good to you. He wants to show you His favor in new ways. He’s saying today, “I dare you to ask.”

A Prayer for Today
“Father in heaven, thank You for loving me today. Thank You for making me the apple of Your eye. I open my heart to You today and cast every care on You.”

My Comments:
This one really takes me back.  When a little boy on the farm in Kentucky, my favorite place was the apple tree out in the back yard.  Come fall it was loaded.  Don’t really care to remember how many green apples I ate waiting for them to get ripe.  But when ripe they were all picked and put into the fruit cellar for pies and apple butter later in the cold winter.  However, I would go raid the bin for an apple now and then.  And I can remember my Aunt Sue, would stomp, yelling through the floor,  “Don’t eat the good ones.”   She wanted the bad apples gone as they would rot out the good apple next door along with them in turning them also into a brown stinking mush. 

So also on planet earth there are apples who have submitted to Christ Jesus as LORD for a new start and are becoming sanctified but most have not.   Most are bruised and wormy,  can be salvaged to some degree but need to be cared for or will totally rot out.    The verse above Psalm 17:8, goes on to say:  “hide me under the shadow of thy wings,  from the wicked that oppress me,  from my deadly enemies, who compass me about.  They are enclosed in their own fat:  with their mouth they speak proudly…..  an on…  Context is very important in Holy Scripture,  Read the whole Psalm.  So David is submitting to and calling on GOD to protect him from the other rotting apples.  This is a choice as we tend to become like the apples that we choose to associate with.  At the end of this Psalm, David’s faith is to be found after death in the KINGDOM of GOD with the likeness of Christ Jesus.  Hope that is where you are headed as well.  Yours, in HIS great love,  Ken<><   (Other “Worth Considerings”  may be found:

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