Pride in Ministry

It is getting more and more difficult to really know whether a minister is for real or just trying to be a religious guru and spellbinder for the praise and coins of this world. I came across this today and felt it worth sending along as sort of a score card. Of course leviathan simple mean a serpent or from the dark side. Rather simple but a very good reminder. Much love in Jesus, Ken<>< 10 Signs of a Preacher Who's Influenced by a Leviathan spirit 9:00AM EDT 4/14/2018 Ryan LeStrange "His scales are his pride, shut tightly as with a seal" (Job 41:15). The Jerusalem translations says, "His back is like shields of cast metal, scale pressing on scale." Leviathan's pride is in his scales. This spirit is proud of his ability to withstand attack. Preachers that become bound by a Leviathan spirit are haughty, arrogant and refuse correction. A Leviathan spirit comes to create monsters. It establishes pride in the hearts of men and women. Jesus walked in great glory because of the depth of His surrender. Over and over He declared that His will was the will of The Father. "For I came down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me" (John 6:38). Jesus walked in unprecedented glory because He was surrendered. He laid His life, His ministry, His calling down to do what His Father said. Glory preachers are passionate about the presence of God. Glory preachers love worship! Glory preachers go hard after God and all of His splendor. When Leviathan gets its hooks in the heart of a man or woman of God, toxic behavior unfolds. Here are some warning signs of a minister bound by a Leviathan spirit and walking in the wisdom of the world: 1. They boast more of their accomplishments than the man Jesus. The preaching of the gospel can include many facets, but the main aim should be to declare Jesus. Anytime a ministry becomes more about a person or personality, it has gotten off course. Leviathan will make it about a man rather than clearly lifting up the name of Jesus. 2. They are totally unaware of other streams, people and ministries. This is always a symptom of pride in ministry. Those bound by pride will feel a sense of exclusivity, as if what they are doing is the pinnacle of the kingdom. 3. They disregard age, wisdom and experience. To have longevity in ministry takes the right building materials. One of the keys is listening to wisdom and those who have stood faithful for years. Leviathan blocks the ears of people to wisdom and shuns experience. It refuses to honor pioneers. 4. They use gifts and revelation to establish superiority. Gifts and revelation flow freely in the presence of God. They are given to serve the body not to exalt a person. We as believers are called to honor vessels chosen and anointed by God but there must be balance in the hearts of those ministering. 5. They don't worship anymore. They are too good for the presence of God. They haven't had time on their face in a meeting in years; their knees have no callouses. Glory people love the presence of God. They will bow, run, kneel and lay before the Lord. Leviathan grips a leader and causes them to lose their passion for worship and altar ministry. Leaders need the presence of God. 6. They don't admit mistakes but point out flaws in everyone else. Transparency is an asset. Pride refuses to admit a mistake. 7. They never get in anyone else's prayer lines. Ministers need ministry! They need the laying on of hands, the gifts of the Spirit and the recharging of their spiritual batteries. If they can pray for everyone else but not receive it, that is a symptom of pride. 8. They demand everything of everyone but they pour out and give the minimum. Ministers are servants. They should have a heart to pour into God's people. 9. They have no longevity in leadership relationships. They can't stay planted under a quality leader. Leviathan will block submission instead demanding everyone to submit to the leader while he or she is not submitted. 10. They criticize everyone and everything but are immune to correction from other leaders. This is a key indicator of pride. Can they receive any type of healthy correction or input? What is the answer to being set free from the Leviathan spirit? Be a person who loves the presence of God. Daily break ties to pride and pray the Psalm 51 prayer: "God, create in me a clean heart!" Be willing to repent and allow God to restore you. As you seek His presence, pride will break, and HIS power and glory will flow.

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