Aloha Family and Friends, Beloved of God, John 3:16, 12:24-26, 17:20-26

PRAYER “WORTH CONSIDERING” 2/20/19 Across my desk this morning.

Today’s Scripture
“In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.” (Psalm 5:3, NIV)

Expect God’s Best
Our God is a God of “suddenlies!” Suddenly, He breaks an addiction. Suddenly, your health improves. Suddenly, you are given that promotion. When you keep your heart open, expectant and filled with faith, God goes to work. In the same way Jesus turned the five loaves of bread and two fish into lunch for 5,000 men (Matthew 14:17), God will take your faith in Him and turn it into the provision you need! The enemy’s goal is to get you discouraged so you will give up and settle where you are. Don’t be deceived! No matter how many disappointments you’ve encountered, God can turn things around for you in a split second of time! One touch of His favor can suddenly restore relationships! One touch of His goodness can solve that problem you’re facing today! Just one touch from Almighty God can instantly change your life!

A Prayer for Today
“God, each day I come before You with my joys, my concerns, my praises, and my requests. I will wait patiently and expectantly for Your answer. In Jesus’ name – Amen.”

My Comments:
For me the word prayer is not to say a subscribed set of words or to be in a position. For me it is simple stopping my brain action and talking to the Holy Spirit as though HE were in the other chair or riding next to me in my truck. It is taking time in humility to listen as a child. It is a time of being an emotional nudist as there is nothing about me that He does not already know. It is a time of profound honesty. Sometimes I start of rather familiar, “Aloha Dad, How am I doing? What do I do about this or that? Ask Him to bring my family into HIS Kingdom like the Philippian Jailer where Peter said, “Believe on the Lord and thou shalt be saved and thy house,” Acts 16:31. And listen for correction and what HE wants me to do.

Actually the LORD’s “Our Father” Prayer ( Matt. 6:9 ) was a way (a manner) to pray, a list of subjects to consider and not a mantra to be said mindlessly. The only true prayer that we have of our Lord Jesus is in John 17, now that is a prayer. And Jesus even prayed in faith for us today in 17:20-26 and ask the Father for some really good stuff for us, HIS CHURCH (verse 22, trade glory for power ) when HIS CHURCH finally finds Unity in Love. Carefully study the wording of verse 22…..

So for me prayer is simple making time and space for a 2 way conversation between me and the Holy Spirit. And the more that I get into it the more I get to know HIS voice and can tell the rest of the voices to take a hike including my own. “And I am still working on getting it right.” But it has to be learned so as to be like breathing and that can happen at any time, regardless of what I may be doing. So learning to be a peace in my spirit without baggage is a learning process so I can pray effectively all the time and any time like the Good Book says, 1 Thess.5:16-18

Yours, in HIS great love and wonderful grace and mercy, Ken<><

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