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“FREEDOM”    WORTH CONSIDERING   2/11/19   (Across my desk this morning)

Today’s Scripture
“I will maintain my innocence and never let go of it; my conscience will not reproach me as long as I live.”  (Job 27:6, NIV)

Follow your Conscience
God speaks to us in many ways. One way is through that “small voice” we call our conscience. In many cases, that’s the voice of the Holy Spirit prompting you to be good to someone, or it might be warning you about a situation that otherwise seems fine! When you feel uneasiness and unrest, the Lord may be saying, “Watch out, there’s danger ahead.” That’s not just your nerves, it’s God protecting you. If you ignore these warnings, you could experience heartache and pain. Is the Holy Spirit placing warning signs in front of you today? When you sense these warning signs, you have a choice to make. God won’t make you do the right thing. You have your own free will. It’s up to you to choose the right road. Refuse to compromise. Don’t compromise in your marriage, your business or with your family. Listen to the still, small voice inside that warns you of impending danger. When you do, God will guide you along the best path for your life.

A Prayer for Today
“God, I am grateful that I have the power to make the right choices today. I know what is right and what is wrong. When my conscience speaks to me, I pray that I will listen and stay on the right path so my life will glorify You. In Jesus’ name – Amen.”

My comments:
The Key to being free is to really know your conscience is hearing the Holy Spirit.   This can be somewhat confusing.   As far as I am concerned I can tune into voices  from everywhere.  Last night I was dreaming that I was in the Philippines in a whole different life style and a lot younger…. where did that come from?   Folks often tell me that a voice that comes to them and says, “I want a cigarette.” is not theirs as they are 110% against smoking.  Jesus was severely tested in the wilderness with the same 3 temptations of Eve:  Lust of the flesh, lust of the spirit and pride of life.   These are voices that Paul writes about in Rom.7:14-20.    And God never  ever tempts us, James 1:13.   He may allow us to be tested/tempted if we need to learn the lesson of sowing and reaping by experience,  Rom. 8:13-14,  as per Job….

So how do we know when our conscience is accurate and on tract as the conscience must be trained.  Our knowledge of good and bad in the world is not automatic upon birth.  Give two 1 yr. old babies one bottle in a crib together and see what happens.  I grew up as a child in a small town in Kentucky with the 10 commandments by the light switch in my classroom,  we prayed before class,  gave the pledge to allegiance,  sang hymns and songs and then learned reading, writhing, arithmetic,  history and geography.  And at that time an 8th grade education was equal to a 12th grade education today and by 14 most went to work on a farm or mine.  And many were married soon after.  So as a kid I got most of my conscience from school, not from home or church.   I came out of there with love and respect for God, Country, Family and 4th of July.  That is not happening today.   So how do we train our Conscience to hear only the Holy Spirit….  (Not going to happen.)   But we can train our Conscience to know the differences between all the different voices.

Over the years I have learned that the Holy Spirit is never in a hurry but always on time.   That He is never condemning condescending or noisy.   The Holy Spirit always speaks with gentle peaceful loving authority and there is such an assuredness  and graciousness in HIS quiet strong voice.  He does not shout down the negative voices.  We all need  to learn to listen for him above all the other racket.   Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice and another they will not follow.” John 10:27    Second, The Holy Spirit will always be totally in agreement with the Holy Scriptures that are in context with all the  other texts on the same subject.  So to know the WORD of GOD,  especially the New Testament is a must to strain out the other garbage voices and especially our own.   “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God,  they are the sons of God,”  Rom. 8:14.    Yours in HIS great love,   Ken<><

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