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Foundations of Evangelism:  8/14/10 
Men’s Bible Fellowship,
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, 6 PM
Contact:  Ken Smith, 896-8937 (shared supper)


Normally, the word revival brings to mind a large crusade as in the days of Billy Graham. These were certainly supported by the Holy Spirit and much needed in my generation.  Personally, I consider this as “Revival by Addition” as each soul is an addition to what is already in existence.
Like adding a drop of water to a glass.  Normally considered today as,  “Church Membership.”

But what I find in scripture is the concept of a river of living water.  As in this kind of a Revival the source of the Holy Spirit flows exponentially though the vessel as a big spring.  In exponential evangelism it is like each pin in a bowling game contacts another pen until all of the pens are contacted.

If, and I use the word “IF” as meaning exactly that.  If we followed our Lord’s concept of evangelism our approach would change dynamically.  We would work with a new convert until they were fully mature and able to reproduce others in the likeness of Jesus Christ.  “IF” one disciple was able to mentor one soul for a full year in discipleship training like our Lord did with His Disciples having no books at all.  And the training brought the disciple to full reproductive maturity.  Then the following year it would begin to look something like this:

In just 34 years with using the discipleship example that our Lord used and in training just one person to be a disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ, each disciple, each year.  In just 34 years we would have over 8 billion disciples who love and obey our Lord Jesus Christ on planet earth.  In fact our Church would look like the Early Church going through Rome like a fire.

So at this point, I usually get a lot of grouching that goes somewhat like this..  Surely what we are doing is the very best way.  You are treating the Bible like an automotive hand book.  You will never find anyone who would rather burn out than rot out. Evangelism is not really in my comfort zone.  Not everyone has the “Gift” of getting people saved.  I spend 2 hours in church each week and mostly pay my tithes and that should be enough to get me into heaven, the rest of my time is mine...  I am too old now to get involved.  I try, but people will not listen.  There are others who are far more professional than I am to care for this need.  And I could go on and on.

I am sure you could add a bunch more but the bottom like question is in “Sola Scriptura” or can you find one scripture to support any of these points of view, just one????

Paul, in prophesy considers our best efforts in writing to Timothy 3:1- 4:6 with the key verse (5) “having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.  So a sure sign of true Evangelism is power (verse 4:5).  So keep that on the back burner.  As to doing our best, it will never be enough.  We are told to allow the Holy Spirit to live His life in and through us.  As to the Bible being an automotive hand book, EXACTLY.  It is a collection of books on evangelism and Christian discipleship.  It is a collection of tools that every Christian needs to get the job done.  Most Christians walk because they don’t know how to fix their spiritual wheels. Evangelism is spiritual reproduction.  Is there a living thing on planet earth that does not reproduce in kind.  Actually, when you get into it, it is much more fun to burn out than to rot out.
Don’t think you have the “Gift” just ask your Heavenly Father for this good and perfect gift.  Spend a little time in church, that is good, but have you ever read Romans 12?  Our Lord Jesus did not come for the 10% He came for the 100%.  He sowed 100% He is expecting 100% from each of us that have tasted that He is good.  We go to heaven because Jesus is our Lord (boss) and we trust Him for covering our sins in His resurrection.  It has nothing to do with water baptism or church membership.  Salvation is totally dependent upon our personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ and our obedience to Him in Love.  He said that His sheep would hear His voice and follow Him.  Who are you following?  As to Age, Abraham and Moses were not used until they were 80.  Perhaps it took them that long to become usable.  In fact if you read Gen.6:3 a certain way you can see that YHWH has given us 120 healthy years if we will do the proper maintenance as per the Holy Scriptures.  Usually the problem with folks not listening is that the walk and talk don’t match up.  There are exceptions as Cain rejected the voice of God and so did Judas.  But most of the time, folks compare the walk with the talk and have no faith that we could help them.  As to being more professional, there are no professionals in the Kingdom of God.  Every time the Holy Spirit wants to pour out new wine He also makes a new wine skin.  It is amazing how an old wine skins can make new wine unusable. 

Actually I am hoping to become a part of some souls who want to go back to the New Testament and together take another look at what the Holy Sprit may want to build today.  It may be nothing at all like what is past.  Or it may only be a few minor changes in what is past.  But one thing for sure it can never be exactly like it was in the past as none of the parts will ever be there at the same time as was available in the past. 

It is my feeling that every generation is invited to have their own special Pentecost.  It will never be the same as the first Pentecost but for us it would be far better as it would be ours.  Take a walk through the New Testament and look for the parts that are needed and pray that the Holy Spirit will show you where you fit into His Revival, Eph.4:1-16.

It is like trying to build a fire in a rain storm.  You need to do certain things exactly right or no fire, heat and drying and no comfort in the Holy Spirit..  Hope to see your way to join us as we explore just exactly how to build a good big fire in the Holy Spirit.  Who knows, you may just have the Holy Spirit matches.  Remember, Our Lord’s approach to Evangelism was one on one with mentoring until a disciple was well able to produce another disciple like our Lord Jesus who could again in turn reproduce another disciple.  We are mature in Christ Jesus only if we can reproduce in kind.  There were 3, then 12, then 70 and then at 120 they blew the roof off.

by Ken Smith 8/11/10

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